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Granite Care Guide

Granite CareThank you for choosing Designs In Stone. Granite is a beautiful, durable, and easily maintained material. By following these simple instructions your granite’s appearance will last for a life time.

Designs In Stone recommends sealing granite every six to twelve months. Dry treat that is available at Designs In Stone. Most manufactures use the following directions:

  1. Cleanse and dry the countertop completely.
  2. Protect items that surround the granite, such as appliances, as the sealer should not come in contact with them.
  3. Shake the sealer well. Please do not dilute or thin the product at any time.
  4. Apply an even application of the sealant using a clean white towel. The counter should be saturated and look wet.
  5. Allow the sealer to set for three to five minutes.
  6. Wipe or buff off the excess product with a clean, dry terry cloth towel(s).

Please read the manufactures instructions, individual products may vary.

The best and safest cleaning product for granite is warm soapy water or cleaners that are specifically made for use on natural stone (these can be purchased at your local home improvement store). Do NOT use abrasive cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, Windex, lemon, lime or any acidic based products.

Stains are rare on granite, however, taking a few precautions will avoid almost all stains. Remember to remove any substance that has spilled as quickly as possible. Do NOT store pots and pans directly on the stone as rust may cause a stain. To avoid rings on the granite use rubber feet under items that will remain on the stone for long periods of time.

Cutting directly on the surface usually will not damage the granite. Few items are dense enough to scratch granite, a few that will are diamonds, and another piece of granite. To avoid a scratch from a granite or marble cutting board, use rubber feet underneath of the cutting board.

High and low temperatures will not usually damage the granite. Generally, a hot pan can be sat on the granite without damaging it. Do NOT place hot items directly on a seem.